Community Features

In selecting our site our owner wanted land with a view, and you'll see we have quite a fantastic view. He also didn't want his mom to move as her health care needs changed, so this building is just the first phase of a three phase project. The second phase will include assisted living. The third, future phase will include memory care.

Our entire community is designed with you in mind. For example, all corridors are "fully conditioned" which means they don't get hot in the summer or cold in the winter. The air is heated or cooled to keep the temperature even all year long. All doors have handles and not knobs because handles are easier to grasp. There is increased lighting, and much more.

Each apartment home has a complete kitchen, including a stove with an oven, refrigerator, microwave oven, and all apartment homes except for studios have a dishwasher. Each residence also has central heat and air conditioning because it keeps your apartment home's temperature more even throughout the year. If our competitors have air conditioning in their apartments it is usually only one air conditioner, called a P-TAK, that is located in the living room. This forces you to make the living room very cold and use fans in the doorways of your bedroom to cool your bedroom in the summer.

Bathroom doors in our apartment homes swing out so, if someone falls against the door in the bathroom emergency, medical personnel can open the door to help them even if the person may be lying against the door. Window sills are lower and windows are taller to allow residents to see out while sitting in their favorite chair. Our doors are wide to accommodate walkers. Shower and bathtub controls are located near the edge of the tub or shower, so you do not have to reach into the shower or tub to turn on the water. And, each tub has a "toe-tapper" drain, so you do not have to bend over to fill or drain your bathtub.

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